Rules of Etiquette That Apply in Online Forums

Certain rules of etiquette apply in online forums.

Firstly, one is advised to ensure that he or she uses polite language when creating threads, or when responding in threads created by others. The temptation to be uncouth may be very strong, thanks to the anonymous nature of these forums, but you need to resist such temptation.

Secondly, one is advised to ensure that he or she deals with the salient issues when responding to othe people’s queries (rather than focusing on side issues). If, for instance, you are on a forum and someone has raised a Ymail question that looks too simple, you don’t respond by question that particular person’s intelligence. Rather, you respond by answering the specific question raised. After all, the person posing the question may be a person who is totally new to computers – and who, given his or her low level of exposure, should actually be commended for being in a position to post to these forums.

Thirdly, one is advised to keep his or her posts reasonably brief.

Fourthly, one is advised to respond to all questions addressed directly to him or her. If someone addresses a query directly to you, and you fail to respond to him or her, you leave him or her hanging – and that is not ideal.

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